In the ancient times of Anatolia lived the people of two neighbour towns Mysia and Lydia, the legendary lands of the eternal olive trees. One famous for its black olives and the other for green; these neighbour towns were estranged, despite the well known harmony of the olive branch.
Both the Mysian and the Lydian people believed their own olives were the best, competing at every chance and fighting over whose olives were better.
Eventually exhausted of these fights, they decided to leave the land between the two towns barren; creating a natural border.
With a visible distance in between, everyone would mind their own business and quarrels would turn into silence.
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The soil got thirsty for water, the wind was yearning for the rain and the people were longing for companionship of neighbours… until one day, when the two towns' crowds came across each other at a wedding in the nearby town Thyatira.
A twist of fate encountered a black with a green, and there it was: love at first sight.
Black and blue lightning struck in the Mysian's heart, green forest waterfalls flowed in the Lydian's blood.
They decided to meet half way, at "the dry land".
Everyday at sunset hand in hand, they brought joy and happiness to the abandoned border; one green as green, the other black as black.
They gave back hope to the olive branches.
When the townsfolk found out, dark clouds stormed upon their love.
They tried to prevent and forbid this love, but the lovers escaped; taking a few olive seedlings with them.
Wondering whether their love could bring hope to the land, they planted the olive seedlings everyday at dawn.
As the green and black olives secretly touched soil, the land was suddenly blessed with abundance; with the miraculous touch of love!
Angry yet astonished, the townsfolk rejected this love affair.
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Meanwhile the two hearts touched the soil with passion, not knowing that they were giving life to the world's most fertile olive field. They painted the colors together, year after year.
The brightest colored olives in so many shades of green, brown and black grew on this land that recovered from its drought. The border regained freedom, the seperate reunited.
And when harvest time arrived, the richness of Mysia and Lydia olives gave life to a new soul; the daughter of green and black, with hazel eyes. The one to bring peace back to the parted olives, the free spirit Myéla!
The reminiscence of courage and love...

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